The Stone Poets

Smoke and Mirrors on Youtube now!!!

One more video for you Stone Poets fans…
Smoke and Mirrors – Scott and Cherelle put the guitars down to concentrate more on some killer three part harmonies. One of our favourites to play live… it took some time before we were happy with this one – our nemesis for awhile to be sure. It’s all good now… we’re very good friends with this song!

“The Fray” now on youtube!!!!

Hey Stone Poets fans… second video uploaded tonight! You have to check out the slightly uncomfortable question Cherelle posed to the audience before the song… and the nervous laughter that ensued! Video by Darryn Slim B Ritchey from SlimBzTV…

New Stone Poets video on Youtube!!

Hey Stone Poets fans…

Just put up a video from Gallery House Concerts that we did in Calgary last year. Check it out (link below). “I Wish” can be found on our first cd “Trippin’ on Daisies” on iTunes if you like it!

Come to our show!

Hello everyone.
We are finally live on our new website that our talented friend Rod Knowlan built for us.

Our first post …. come and see us live at the coolest record shop in Burnaby.  Madhouse Records in Lougheed Village…check out our gig page.  Check back here often for our musings!


Stone Poets on the web…

Stone Poets want to thank you for visiting our site.  We are currently in the CBC Searchlight competition and would love your support and votes.

There are only 2 days left, every vote counts.

Please follow this link about half way down the page, there is a vote button.

Thanks and thanks for the support!

Peace Cherelle, Marc and Scott