Stone Poets

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Hi Friends.

A quick chat about HUMAN…

HUMAN continued …

We’ll be heading back into Zed Productions with Sheldon Zaharko mid November to start beds for our other 8 songs.

In the meantime, if you’d like to pre-save the HUMAN album, head over to our page to find out more details.

Peace and love

Cherelle, Scotty J and Marc


HUMAN, STONE POETS 5th studio project is now underway. We are once again working with our good friend Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions. 

The last 2 days (Sept 25,26) were spent on beds for 5 songs that are more acoustic based. We’ll be heading back in mid November to start the beds for the other 8 songs that will have drums and other electric instrumentation. Yes, you did the math right. HUMAN will have 13 songs. We are really excited about sharing this next journey with you.

We will be setting up a go fund me campaign in the next few weeks to help us with recording costs. The campaign will be to pre sell the album. You’ll be the 1st to receive it when you purchase it through the HUMAN project.

Thank you as always for your support.

Much love

Cherelle, Marc and Scotty J