Stone Poets


Three experienced writers and performers, three distinct voices, harmonizing beautifully together to celebrate the song . . .
What began as a single songwriting session to write one song, developed into a weekly gathering of creative minds and a virtual song factory.
Smoke and Mirrors, their 4th album, was released March 24th 2018, supported by Creative BC and the Province of BC.
These candlelight minstrels are perfect for an evening of wine and reflection. They are just as at home in large theatre settings, festivals or private house concerts. Stone Poets are songwriters as well as storytellers. They stir emotions and pull on heart strings. Melodies that stick with you and lyrics to make you reflect – it’s life… and we’re all in it together.

Scott Jackson, Cherelle Jardine and Marc Gladstone. Collectively they are Stone Poets…Their music has been described as “contemporary folk” … folk perhaps, because of the instrumentation: keyboard, two acoustic guitars and rich, harmony laden vocals… contemporary because the subject matter in their songs ventures into uncharted waters sometimes…

Marc Gladstone delivers the anchor of music and melody for the songs, derived from an extensive history of musical experience. He has played piano/keyboards since he was seven years old. His playing and singing has been heard on many recordings, live, as well as several television appearances. Currently he’s playing with “Prism”, “Abandon Paris” (previously “Brandon Paris Band” – “Rewind and Start Again” hit #17 on CHR charts), and Ajaye Jardine”. He played with “Doug and the Slugs” from 1998 until 2005, often performing to audiences over 20,000.

Cherelle Jardine has been writing and recording since 1995. She’s released 10 cds including her solo albums, The Jardines, Stone Poets and her latest band HEAD.
In March 2011, Jardine was honoured with the Ethel Tibbits award (woman of distinction award) for her continued work in the arts and in 2012, The Richmond Art Award.
Cherelle is Marketing and Promotions Manager of Pacific Northwest Radio and co founder of Make a Scene. Make a Scene promotes BC artists live performances and encourages people to come to support local and touring talent.

Scott Jackson draws from a sphere of influence a little different from the other two members. His background in English literature, specifically in Elizabethan poetry, provides a somber and moody heaviness to the lyrics. Like his Stone poet collaborators Scott draws from an extensive experience in the songwriting world. His solo career has seen the release of two CDs titled “My World” and “Distractions”. Scott’s musical library garnered extensive radio play across Canada and the northern parts of the United States. Still 4 years after his latest release, 4 songs from “Distractions” are receiving play on CBC across Canada. Scott recently joined Marc Gladstone in the rock/reggae band “Abandon Paris” and has now tripped into the collaborative magic of “Stone Poets”.

Stone Poets Discography.
“Smoke and Mirrors” – newly released (March 24th 2018) recorded with Sheldon Zaharko. This time out, the band is taking a slightly different path, creating interesting instrumentation to colour the new songs while continuing to intrigue the listener with their lyrical interpretations of life. Sponsored by Creative BC and the Province of BC. Recorded with Sheldon Zaharko.
“Trippin’ on Daisies”, their 1st studio release was recorded at The Factory, in Vancouver BC with Sheldon Zaharko. (2011)
“Angels and Devils”, offers more of their thought provoking lyrics and dark melodies. “Angels and Devils”, offers more of their thought provoking lyrics and dark melodies. Delving further into the realms of the human spirit while at the same time exploring unity and presenting brother/sisterhood as the answer to global unrest. (2013)
“More Angels and Devils” May 2015
Released for their USA tour.

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