Stone Poets

Tracking new tunes

Day 1 Tracking … @The Grassy Knoll Studio / L8R Records Inc and Zed Productions with Dave Slote​ and Sheldon Zaharko​
We picked up Sheldon and got to the studio at around 11 and Sheldon and Dave started setting up for us.
Dave Slote owns Grassy Knoll out in Maple Ridge. 2 inch tape, oooooo, my heart beats just a little faster.
Scott was running a few behind, his son we found out later, won MVP at his soccer game, super cool. More reasons to celebrate!
Tracking ran fairly smooth.
Marc, Scott and I – this is Cherelle btw writing these thoughts down … did the beds live off the floor. 2 guitars – Scott and I and of course Marc on keys.
We tracked 2 songs and then started our lead vocals.
We got leads down on 1 song and then packed up in the wink of an eye and flew down to Zed Productions to meet up with Joe Alvaro (bass) and Jerry Wong (guitars).
We’ll be back to Zed in the next few weeks to wrap up the rest of the tracking and then mix, master and voila – new songs.
One song was written in Nashville with Darryl and Lee-Ann Burgess and the other, Scott brought to us.
Both are very cool tunes and we can’t wait to share them with you.
Have a wonderful day, whatever you’re up to <3

Studio and new recordings

Stone Poets are excited to be in the studio tomorrow with Sheldon Zaharko –
Zed Productions and Dave Slote The Grassy Knoll Studio / L8R Records Inc.
Recording 2 new singles, one written with Daryl Burgess and LeeAnn Burgess when we were in Nashville.
Coming soon….