The Stone Poets


Check out one of our first collectively written songs… as well as Scott’s description of the process!

Talk to Me by Stone Poets

“Talk to Me” is about the breakdown of communication in a relationship… one of Stone Poets’ most dramatic songs live… great singing by both Cherelle and Scott!!

Mixing soon!!

Hey kids… only two weeks away from mixing the last three songs recorded at Zed Studios with Sheldon Zaharko. Getting stoked for this. Love working with Sheldon! July 7th will be a long, intense day – trying to get all three mixed in one day is a bit of work – but the best kind of work! We are truly blessed to do what we do…

“Carry” by Stone Poets

The last song on our “Angels and Devils” cd… “Carry” is about helping each other out. About humanitarianism. Humanity. Being human. Because… “we gotta carry each other.” Every one of us needs a little help from our friends, sometimes… mostly it’s about caring… Enjoy!!!

New stuff from Stone Poets soon!!

Hey kids… just wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be at Zed Studios very soon, with Sheldon Zaharko – July 7th – to mix 3 new tunes. We’re really excited about these! One of them is “Better”, a tune that’s been with us since the inception of Stone Poets – the first song we ever wrote together as a matter of fact. Joining that song will be “We Bleed” and “Something I Don’t Wanna Be”, two songs that are both regulars in our live show, but up to now haven’t been recorded. So it’s about time! Stay tuned!!


Here’s the you tube link for Sinking – check it out

Sinking – new video by Stone Poets

Hey Stone Poet fans… it’s been awhile, but here’s another video… from Gallery House Concerts in Calgary AB… a song about the dangers of thinking yourself too smart for the drug… addiction and the indestructibility of denial…

Stone Poets sing Leonard Cohen…

One of only two cover songs we play live; Leonard Cohen is one of Stone Poets’ favourite writers. This is a beautiful song and lends itself well to three part harmony throughout, Stone Poets style…

Check out “Runaway”

New video… Runaway… we’d never played this one live before… thanks to Gallery House Concerts in Calgary AB, Darryn at SlimBzTV and Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions…

Hope you like it!

Happy Easter!

Hey Stone Poets fans… just dropping by to say Happy Easter! Have a great weekend…

If you happen to be in the area, Scott Jackson and Marc Gladstone will be performing at Heritage Park in Mission with their other band, Abandon Paris at noon… followed by an Easter egg hunt for the kids… so yeah, Abandon Paris is opening the show for the headliner, which is the Easter egg hunt lol… come on down if you can!!