Stone Poets

Great Canadian Flood Relief

Today’s the day! 2 pm Pacific.Great Canadian Flood Relief Concert streams today. AND a second all new show has been added on Monday. Both days 6 Atlantic 5 East… 2pm Pacific. Donate and watch at

All money goes to the Canadian Red Cross BC Flood Relief Fund or Atlantic Emergency Management Fund. Your BC donation will be tripled by BC and Federal government matching. Thank you to all the organizers, the musicians, the sponsors and to you – for your generosity.

Stone Poets is happy to be part of this epic event.

Christmas idea …

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for your family and friends? Hire Stone Poets for a private concert in your home or space.

Send us a message at

Canadian Beats

Thanks so much to Jenna Melanson for this article in Canadian Beats.

Peace and Love

In these troubled times, we want to send out our love and best wishes to everyone. We truly hope that you are healthy and happy.

If you’re on the Island, we will be heading to Port Alberni and Duncan on Oct 8, 9. Details are on our LIVE page.

Much love, Cherelle, Scott and Marc.


For the next few months, we will be finalizing the pre-production for our new album HUMAN. We are getting excited about getting back into the studio again, aiming for April 2022.

Follow us on our social media, FB, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.

Keith Clark Photography

We just got some killer shots that we’ll be sharing with you from our friend and rockin’ photographer Keith Clark.

We’ll be sharing them all in the next few days! If you’re looking for a great photographer that is also a very cool dude, get in touch with Keith.

Gleam and Beam

A study by scientist, Geraldine Dawson, measures the interaction between baby and parent. When a mother first touches and looks at her newborn, her right orbitofrontal cortex lights up like a red hot Christmas tree light bulb. That seems to trigger the exact reaction in the same region of the baby’s brain! That  connection  helps baby grow and develop that part of the brain. This region of the brain is responsible for emotional and impulse control, social thinking and the ability to pay attention and focus which is also known as Self-regulation. Self-regulation is the precursor to a person’s capacity for attention and learning.

This is “Gleam and Beam”. Our friend, OT and Neuroscientist, Kim Barthel, coined this phrase to describe the magic that ignites and unites people when they’re attuned to each other.
And magic deserves a song! We can influence positive change through safe and nurturing relationships!

Welcome to “Gleam and Beam”! Available now on Bandcamp.

Harmony Arts Festival

Are you coming? Sat July 31 at 2:45-4:00, we’ll be performing on the Millennium Stage in West Vancouver.

Check details on our tour page. See you there!!! We missed you.

Happenings on a small stage

Hello friends. It’s been a long time, 1.5 years to be exact since we’ve gigged. We’re really excited to be starting to book some live shows and we’d love to see you there. Graham Stang will be kicking off the show at 6 pm.

This one is special to us as it’s in Scott’s hometown of Maple Ridge. Hope to see you there. Make sure you call and reserve a spot.

Check out details on our tour page.

Get the Vax


Get the Vax was created to inspire people to get their Covid 19 vaccination,
“We wanna get back to where the party never ends!
Together, we can end this pandemic! We need to reach herd immunity and vaccines are the front and center of making this happen…but keep doing all the other good stuff too!
This is our shot, let’s do this!
Guest starring Brian Poulsen on guitar.
Produced by Marc Gladstone and Sheldon Zaharko and Stone Poets at Zed Productions.