Stone Poets

Gleam and Beam

A study by scientist, Geraldine Dawson, measures the interaction between baby and parent. When a mother first touches and looks at her newborn, her right orbitofrontal cortex lights up like a red hot Christmas tree light bulb. That seems to trigger the exact reaction in the same region of the baby’s brain! That  connection  helps baby grow and develop that part of the brain. This region of the brain is responsible for emotional and impulse control, social thinking and the ability to pay attention and focus which is also known as Self-regulation. Self-regulation is the precursor to a person’s capacity for attention and learning.

This is “Gleam and Beam”. Our friend, OT and Neuroscientist, Kim Barthel, coined this phrase to describe the magic that ignites and unites people when they’re attuned to each other.
And magic deserves a song! We can influence positive change through safe and nurturing relationships!

Welcome to “Gleam and Beam”! Available now on Bandcamp.

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