Stone Poets


Just out … We’re starting a peace movement!

Stone Poets joins with Bruce Coughlan, Gord Maxwell and Greg Stuart to form Peacenik Collective. 
Peacenik Collective is a superband, composed of dedicated, performing songwriter/musicians drawn together by a mutual desire to create and share music that connects people to one another and to themselves.

When asked Bruce Coughlan to assemble a cast of performers for a “Songs of Peace” broadcast, he immediately reached out to his friends Marc GladstoneCherelle Jardine & Scott Jackson of the band Stone Poets, who were just releasing their new album “Human“, and whose music particularly fit the bill.

From there, Bruce reached out to long-time friend, songwriter, vocalist and bassist Gord Maxwell, who’s songwriting also features a humanistic quality. Friend and drummer/percussionist Greg Stuart helped flesh out the core band for the broadcast. It took very little time for these like-minded individuals to band together, to create a project that uniquely reflects their common interests, hence, Peacenik Collective was formed! You should come to our first concert on Fri Dec 8th. Show details are on our tour page!

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