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Bringing together a blend of poetic lyricism and emotionally powerful instrumentation, Stone Poets create moving music that sparks hopefulness, a sense of joy and optimism.
Cherelle, Marc and Scotty J, three musical troubadours that connect hearts & minds across the globe through their body of work and their collective authenticity.

Founded in 2011, Cherelle Jardine (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Scott Jackson (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion), and Marc Gladstone (Vocals, Keyboards. percussion), combine years of experience gathered from their time spent in multiple bands and solo-projects, into a greater collective good. With each player adding their own significant contributions to the writing, sound, and style of Stone Poets, they immediately achieved a balance of strengths and have been continually adding to their body of work which now includes their 5th studio project, HUM∀N.
HUM∀N is a 17 track album with songs full of hope, love and humanity. From pop sensibilities to soulful balladry, this album delivers songs that by all reviews, seems to be what the world needs to hear right now in these troubled times. Read Eric Alper’s press release

Excited to push the boundaries of genres and defy limitations, Stone Poets were beyond any type of categorization from the moment they started, and have every intention of remaining that way. While rooted in an expressive Folk/Pop/Roots sound of their own design, they combine themes that are anti-typical of the genres, all in a sincere effort to create relatable, sensory sonic experiences that leave a lasting impact on listeners through their own unique melodies & beautifully timeless sound.

Discovering a shared passion, they crafted and refined a signature style of their own that each member could fully be proud of, and a humble handful of songs to form their debut EP, Trippin’ On Daisies, released officially in 2011. Encouraged by the incredible love, support, and enthusiasm surrounding their first record, the trio quickly established themselves in the Vancouver music-scene from the studio to the stage. Soon forming a dedicated following of fans, Stone Poets found their own intimate way of bonding with their audience by sharing their experiences, and inspirations with their audience between songs at their shows. The results were truly astounding – not only did their words fully resonate with the people, but their grounded, down-to-earth demeanour connected from soul to soul in a completely reciprocal nature, creating an unbreakable relationship between them and their fans.

By maintaining their artistic integrity without compromise, they’d prove that on their follow-up record, Angels and Devils (2013), as they shifted their themes into even more personal terrain, giving listeners an all-access pass to the thoughts, feelings, & emotions that fueled the fire between them. More Angels and Devils (2015) was released upon embarking for their first tour of the USA; their momentum continued to build, and with each step Stone Poets took, their music leapt forward in their evolution.

Teaming-up once again with legendary producer Sheldon Zaharko, who has been in their corner from day one, Stone Poets re-entered the studio in 2018 to make their next record, Smoke and Mirrors. Endorsed by Creative BC and the province of British Columbia, they raised the stakes and left no stone unturned in their attention to detail, dialing-in on their songwriting, art, and music like never before. Revealing a brilliant lineup of dynamic new songs that highlighted their melodic magic & charm, Smoke and Mirrors surged with the charisma and focus that only truly dedicated veterans can provide.

Following Smoke and Mirrors, Stone Poets released the single, Gleam and Beam. There is a story behind the song that needs to be heard: A study by scientist, Geraldine Dawson, measures the interaction between baby and parent. When a mother first touches and looks at her newborn, her right orbitofrontal cortex lights up like a red hot Christmas tree light bulb. That seems to trigger the exact reaction in the same region of the baby’s brain! That connection helps the baby grow and develop that part of the brain. This region of the brain is responsible for emotional and impulse control, social thinking, and the ability to pay attention and focus which is also known as self-regulation. Self-regulation is the precursor to a person’s capacity for attention and learning. This is “Gleam and Beam”. OT and Neuroscientist, Kim Barthel, coined this phrase to describe the magic that ignites and unites people when they’re attuned to each other. And magic deserves a song! We can influence positive change through safe and nurturing relationships! Scott attended many of Kim’s workshops and was inspired to capture this concept and Stone Poets song Gleam and Beam was born.

Stone Poets decided it was time to release a new album, so started writing with that in mind. They headed down to Nashville, staying at the Socan House and got together with esteemed songwriting team, Daryl and LeeAnn Burgess. They brought with them the idea for a song called The Great Divide. There was an evident divide among people in just about every facet of life and the band felt a really strong desire to address this through song. The Great Divide was born and recorded at Zed Productions and Grassy Knoll Studio. Sadly LeeAnn passed away soon after the song was recorded but she said that she loved the production, harmonies and vocal arrangements. Every concert the band pays tribute to her when they perform the song.

When the pandemic hit, with all shows/tours cancelled, Stone Poets dove deeper into creating songs for the new album, writing songs that touch on many topics; hope, love, peace and humanity, believing with all their hearts that music can heal and bring people together.
They found themselves with 13 songs that expressed the message of the aforementioned attributes, then added The Great Divide and Gleam and Beam to the mix. Once again they decided to work with their friend and award winning Producer/Engineer Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions, HippoSonic Studios, Monarch Studios and Grassy Knoll Studio. Joining Stone Poets were Vancouver’s most sought after musicians, Jerry Wong, Nick Haggar, Liam MacDonald, Jeremy Holmes, Jordan Aranas, Geeta Das and Joe Alvaro. Marc composed an instrumental piano piece which is called Angels (Reprise) and they added voices from friends saying “I’m only human” in various languages. Scott recited A Poison Tree by William Blake to make 17 tracks.

It came time to decide on a title for the album. One of the songs is called Human, so they decided to call the album HUMAN. But it really needed to represent the songs so they had a logo designed that was filled with genome sequencing and as the song lyric is, “no one’s perfect, we’re human after all”, they decided to turn the A upside down (HUM∀N). In math, an upside down A is the universal quantifier meaning for all, for each, for every. The discovery of the meaning was a happy accident! For Stone Poets, it really highlights the need for inclusivity.

They needed the perfect cover art to convey their messaging and enlisted Vancouver artist Pamela Windeyer to paint the concept they imagined: 2 people holding each other, showing love, peace and harmony. To tie all the pieces together, DNA strands were placed throughout the packaging as no two people have exactly the same DNA sequence, but the DNA base pair sequence of all people is nearly identical—that’s what makes us all humans.

From pop sensibilities to soulful balladry, this album delivers songs and by all reviews, seems to be what the world needs to hear right now in these troubled times.

HUM∀N was released January 31 2024 on all streaming platforms and CD and Vinyl are available on their website
The 1st single is The Great Divide.

Still, their story is far from over. If you were to ask the band, they’d likely tell you they’re just getting warmed up, with plenty in store. From giant stages & venues, to outdoor festivals, and intimate gatherings at house parties, Stone Poets take every opportunity to connect with their fans & new fans alike, and continue to share their gift with the world, proving their hybrid music is an entire movement, not just a moment.

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HUM∀N (Jan 31 2024).
This is a full length album with 15 songs and 17 tracks, all recorded with award winning Producer/Engineer Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions, HippoSonic Studios, Monarch Studios and Grassy Knoll Studio. Joining Stone Poets are Vancouver’s most sought after musicians Jerry Wong, Nick Haggar, Liam MacDonald, Jeremy Holmes, Jordan Aranas, Geeta Das, Joe Alvaro.

Singles (included on the HUM∀N album), Gleam and Beam and The Great Divide. The Great Divide was written with Canadian iconic songwriters LeeAnn and Daryl Burgess in Nashville TN. Gleam and Beam and The Great Divide were recorded with Sheldon Zaharko at Zed Productions and Grassy Knoll Studio, assisted by Dave Slote. Produced by Sheldon Zaharko and Stone Poets.
Smoke and Mirrors (2018). This time out, the band took a slightly different path, creating interesting instrumentation to colour the new songs while continuing to intrigue the listener with their lyrical interpretations of life. Sponsored by Creative BC and the Province of BC. Produced by Sheldon Zaharko, Marc Gladstone and Stone Poets.
More Angels and Devils (2015). This album contains songs from Angels and Devils as well as other studio recordings. Released for their USA tour.
Angels and Devils (2013), offers more of their thought provoking lyrics and dark melodies. Delving further into the realms of the human spirit while at the same time exploring unity and presenting brother/sisterhood as the answer to global unrest. Produced by Sheldon Zaharko, Marc Gladstone and Stone Poets.
Trippin’ on Daisies (2011). Their 1st studio release was recorded at The Factory, in Vancouver BC. Produced by Sheldon Zaharko and Marc Gladstone and Stone Poets.