Stone Poets

Hello friends.

Our video for If I Could Just Have One from our HUM∀N album starring Stoaty, Tiggy, Noir Chat, Sylvester and of course us just dropped.

Filming by Stone Poets and Jer @SBS

Assistant set design by Pamela Windeyer

All rights reserved Stone Poets Productions

Introducing Stoaty

Stoaty chats about our new video that will be released on March 31st called If I Could Just Have One! So much fun!

Next up …

People have been asking what is our next video from our HUM∀N album and it’s “If I Could Just Have One’.

We’ll be shooting it this weekend and we’re really excited to have Pamela Windeyer our friend and resident artist and Jeremy Gladstone from Sleeping Bag Studios lending a hand on this one.

And … we have a big star that is going to be starring in the video. Any guesses who?

Stay tuned, should have it out by the end of March, hopefully before.

Peace and love friends.

Cherelle, Marc and Scotty J

Red River

Our new video from our HUM∀N album is Red River.

Art is by Pamela Windeyer.

You can watch it now here

HUM∀N streaming is available at