Stone Poets

Island Tour a success

A live stream from our gig at the Duncan Showroom.

It takes a lot of people to make a tour happen, Stone Poets would like to thank Cresslynn Brodhagen for booking us at the Cumberland Hotel and to Mark for connecting us and taking care of our stage sound. We love you guys and really appreciate all you did for us. The room was great and Mark had our sound dialed in 🙂
Thank you Norah Holtby for putting together 2 shows in Courtney and Duncan with our friend Kele Fleming. It’s always a juggle arranging all the details so thank you for that. Gabba Community Gigs at Cornerstone Taphouse and
#Duncanshowroom. Longevity John Falkner, always wonderful to play your room and Ted Cadillac, again, thank you for taking care of our stage sound … outstanding!
To everyone that came out and took a chance on some new music, thank you.
Happy Monday everyone.
Keep music alive!

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