Stone Poets

Many thanks for our upcoming tour!

As we (Stone Poets) Scott Jackson Marc Gladstone Cherelle Jardine – get ready to head back east for our “Great Divide” tour, (single to be released Sept 7th) there are some people that we want to thank for helping us – getting us contacts, putting up posters, contacting the papers, promoting our shows. The first one to get the ball rolling was Brad Anderson, who put me in contact with one of the nicest guys I’ve yet to meet in person – but will at our Montreal show – Dave Elbourn who gave me a contact info for radio and rooms to play, put up posters at our VanKleek Hill show as well, has personally invited people to come and see us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to hanging out with you next week.
Huge thanks to the Goderich BIA Downtown Goderich, without them, I wouldn’t have been able to put a show together. Both Susan and Wanda have been fantastic in helping me arrange the use of the band stand. Also, got me in touch with our sound tech for the day – Travis Teed.
My aunt Carol Nivins, who printed off posters and put them all around Goderich and has rallied up the troops to come to the show… plus all my cousins that have shared our gig post. Thank you and can’t wait to see my family on Sunday.
Joanne Walters, who isn’t on Facebook took the reigns on behalf of my wonderful sister Cindy and wrote an article to the Goderich Signal-Star #kathleensmith had it published this week, if you want to read it…/cherelle-jardine-retur…
My sister sent out emails to all her old friends and invited them to the show, Some of them have reached out to me, which makes my heart sing … thank you for all the shares!
To my wonderful friend Jim Schram that has shared and posted our event, he’s from Goderich and has gotten a lot of people excited to come out and hang, just like the old days on the square. For those of you that don’t know – Goderich, the prettiest town in Canada – yes, it’s been appointed that title and is very true, the square is in town center and it’s not really a square, it’s a wagon wheel with the roads all merging to meet, in the middle is a beautiful park that used to be filled with hundred year old trees that sadly got wiped out by the big tornado a few years ago. We’ll be kicking off the tour with an afternoon show. Sorry, still more to go.
Thanks to Cheryl Casselman for opening the show for us at the Garnet in Peterborough. Visit her page to find out more about her music. Stone Poets The Garnet special guest Cheryl Casselman Thanks to Josh Fewings who books the Garnet and is in a very cool band called Mayhemingways. Check them out.
We head to Montreal and play at Mariposa…le Café. It’s a very cool, intimate room, thank you Mariposa Victor for having us mid week at your venue.
Friday night we’re at Stone Poets -Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre, many thanks to Louise Sproule for writing an article for us…/stone-poets-in-vankleek-hill-septem…/
fbclid=IwAR3MzQcRs5H2bRrToxntb_0nsGUaRx1cmymtM-f2mHIysJkFwDuGvznkOwA and once again, Dave Elbourn for getting me the contact. We’re so grateful.
The Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre is a beautiful space and we can’t wait to perform there. Thank you to SB Mackhigh Stanton who sent me multiple festival contacts as well as the link to the Arbor Gallery, once I saw it, I knew Stone Poets would be a great fit, so thank you Beth!
Thank you to our family Jeremy Gladstone Becky Gladstone for letting us crash when we’re in town and to Michael Dickson and Mim Booth Dickson for lending us some gear, your car and your home, So grateful, thank you.
Then we’re in Ottawa, huge thank you to Gisèle Yasmeen for connecting me with a very talented songwriter Dan Wayner who put together a private show for us.
We have one more tentative show in Ottawa, just waiting on details.
Thank you to LeeAnn Burgess and Daryl Burgess for writing the single The Great Divide with us in Nashville earlier this year. We can’t wait to share it with you, countdown is on.
And, last but certainly not least, thank you to our band wife Laurie Jackson for letting us have her hubby for 10 days. We love you girl!
And that’s it for now. Sorry, long and lengthy but a much needed thank you to everyone that is supporting our tour.

See you on the road.