The Stone Poets

Next Stone Poets show

Our upcoming Stone Poets show in Vancouver

StreeXB’s mission is to showcase the talents of the Indie scene to you, the grassroots of the world, thereby allowing you to decide who are the Stars of today and our future. Oct 29 2016 we present – STONE POETS.
1355 Kingway ave
Doors 7:30 Show 8:00 pm
Tickets 10.00 pre sale, 15.00 door (contact

Stone Poets;
These candlelight minstrels are perfect for an evening of wine and reflection. Just as at home in large theatre settings, festivals or private house concerts, Stone Poets entertain with their stories, while their music takes you through a range of emotions.

What began as a single songwriting session to write one song, developed into a weekly gathering of creative minds and a virtual song factory. Stone Poets have been described as “contemporary folk” … folk perhaps, because of the instrumentation: keyboard, two acoustic guitars and rich, harmony laden vocals… contemporary because the subject matter in their songs ventures into uncharted waters sometimes…

“Smoke and Mirrors” – their 4th studio release is currently being mixed with Sheldon Zaharko for an early 2017 release. This time out, the band is taking a slightly different path, creating interesting instrumentation to colour the new songs while continuing to intrigue the listener with their lyrical interpretations of life.